Is This Login PopUp To This Website Intended


That I can recall, this is the first time I log in to this website (community forum) and I got a javascript like pop up to log in, and when I click the Cancel button, then I got an HTML login. So I am wondering if the javascript like popup is part of the community.

Please view the image below for an illustration of the pop up I am referring to.

Thank you

Hello Veronica and welcome to the forum.
The URL seems legit, it’s what you’d get when the site calls on ypsilon to authenticate the user.
That being said, I don’t use Chrome & friends, so I don’t know if it does indeed look like that.
Switching to plain HTML when javascript fails sounds reasonable, it’s how “graceful degradation” is supposed to work after all.

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Thank you alexpl; just making sure

It has to do with this:

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