Kernel 6.1.6 does not boot

There are similar topics already, but they seem to focus on a different setup. I don’t use encryption and I don’t have an nvidia graphics card. It’s an old hp laptop with a Celeron N3060 and Intel integrated graphics. In my case I wasn’t stuck at a black screen, but the spinning boot thingy was there forever and then it simply rebooted.

I think that a few times in my testing the system actually did boot, I could login; but there was no wifi.

The boot log (journalctl -b-1) for a failed boot ends abruptly after about a 1000 lines with the last message being about flushing the log. Kernel 6.0.18 still boots fine and generates +2500 lines in the log.

Is this an upstream problem? How should I proceed? Is this something to simply wait out and after the next update hopefully all will be fine?