Keyboard doesn't work off a cold boot. (ASUS ZenBook UX325SA_UM325SA 1.0)

Recently jumped to this distro after my Arch got blown up by the grub update and the inbuilt keyboard of my notebook doesnt work off a cold boot. If I reboot, it works perfectly, however, I need the keyboard to decrypt the disk and can only do so if I plug in a USB one.

I had the same issue on Arch and it was fixed with some tinkering with the mkinitcpio config file.

Now, from what little I understand, mkinitcpio is an Arch specific tool, and cannot be used for this scenario. What research I did pointed me to dracut, which I would somehow need to tinker with to force it to load the proper modules. I get that there is space for a user config file in /etc/ and I tried to add the line:

force_drivers+="amdgpu asus_wmi atkbd dm_crypt ext4 fat i2c_hid i8042 ohci_pci xhci_pci"

as it was in the mkinitcpio, as a hail mary, and ofcourse it didn’t work, but it was my best guess.

Anyone have any advice on what I would need to tweak to make my keyboard work off a cold boot? Or to be more specific, if it’s possible to translate the solution I linked for Arch into this environment.