Lack of India Mirrors

Hi Everyone, I am quite new here and wanted to relay something that I think needs the projects attention. Fedora’s lack of mirrors in South East Asia is something I have had to suffer with for quite sometime now. Updates take hours where downloads are stuck at 500kbps downloads. I am from India and there a complete lack of Fedora mirrors in India, the other neighbouring countries that do have these mirrors have slow connectivity. I would like to bring this to the attention of the community so that something can be done for us Fedora Lovers from India

Also if there are some Indians on the forums who can give me suggestions for better download speeds, I would really appreciate it. And yes I do have fastestmirror=true enabled

Many mirrors are located in educational institutes. If you were able to identify some different locations near you that might be willing to host a mirror on their campus then that effort would likely pay dividends. The mirror site has to agree, then configure their system to host the mirror and arrange to be added to the mirror list by fedora. Even a single user could host a mirror if they had the storage space and bandwidth to allow downloads by users.

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To add to what @computersavvy has already indicated: the Fedora community does not own or manage these mirrors. Mirrors are set up by volunteer organisations (usually ones that already have large bandwidths and so have some to spare).

By default, Fedora redirects you to the closest mirror etc. but you can use any mirror you want pretty much. Pick one from the mirror list and update your repository files:

(Note that the download speed depends on both the bandwidth of the mirror and the bandwidth of the connection it is being accessed over.)

Read more about mirroring here: