Lag slow work in Fedora 33

+1 I run into the same issue specifically the disappearing of cursor in terminal/neovim

Fresh install of Fedora 33 i7 8th gen, 32gb ram, 1TB ssd, nvidia proprietary driver and X11

Similar lags since F33.
I noticed sometimes CTRL+Z doesn’t work although in editor menu ‘undo’ is available. Now crazy stuff: unplugging keyboard and plugging it again suddenly makes lag go away until next time few minutes later

@ewoks: did you have any messages in the journal before and after re-plugging your keyboard? Is it a USB keyboard or a bluetooth one etc.?

It is USB keyboard that works without such issues on other non Fedora Linux machine. Unfortunately I didn’t get any logs, will check for it and observe it better next time. I got the most recent kernel update and didn’t notice similar issues again.

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Hi everyone.

I am using Fedora 33, with nvidia 390 rpmfusion latest patched drivers in a Gnome X environment.

With both rpmfusion drivers and nvidia binary drivers, there is a keyboard lag in some applications - cherrytree, libreoffice - which makes them unusable. Also, sometimes in these applications the screen just freezes, and to get back to work I have to remove focus and refocus again the window.

This keyboard lag, and screen freeze, does not occur in all applications - for example Firefox works normally.

If I use the nouveau driver, the problem persists, but it is much more tenuous, and makes applications usable, even if the boredom of freeze and slight keyboard lag remains in the apps involved.

Top does not give relevant information. journalctl gives no relevant information. I disabled some Gnome Shell Extension. I don’t know what other test or try I can do, so any of your suggestions are welcome, because in this way my system is not usable.


i try disabled extensions