LightDM not starting at boot

Advice: write down everything your doing with the system, and always make a backup!

Good Luck!

Cheers @vits95 - I do use Timeshift but do not have a backup where the display manager works hence my reinstall. I also take a block level backup of my entire disk once everything is configured using CloneZilla

:flying_saucer: But much better is to take a backup stright before everything is configured ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )!

The reason for this error seemed to be some kind of conflict with X11 and the Nvidia drivers. While on boot time I got the error that the Nvidia Kernel module could not be loaded, I still was able to start lightdm once I was in TTY1 PayGOnline

With the nouveau driver it’s works (at least for me, see above).

nvidia. Your guess may be true. What output of

lsmod | grep -E '(^nvidia|^nouveau)'

after your’ve had started lightdm from tty1?

Welcome to Fedora @swatto. Please take a minute to go through the posts in the #start-here. They contain information on how to use the forum effectively, such as the use of formatting to ensure that posts are easily readable. (I’ve formatted this post for you this time)


I did a complete reinstall with KDE desktop environment and managed to install LightDM without any problems (whilst still using the NVIDIA drivers)

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