Login issues with FAS to ask.fp.o and pagure.io

When I tried with another guest machine, I cannot logon to ask.fp.o using FAS.

Then when trying to logon to pagure.io to create a ticket, access failed also.

But logon to accounts.fp.o is OK.

When going back to this machine (which ask.fp.o is already log on):

  • logout and log on ask.fp.o again is fine.
  • logon to pagure.io failed
  • logon to accounts.fp.o ok

There seem to be intermittent issues with authentication. Please see this infrastructure ticket for more information:


(I thought we’d announced this here already but I cannot find the topic now)


What is the error message you got when it failed?

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So it means the same issue might happen again until the root cause is fixed.

@mattdm , I remember the error is something like
The request is cancelled.
(Sorry that I did not note it down at that time., it is working now.)

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Yes—the infra ticket indicates some tips to work around the issue which are worth trying.


Got it!

Thanks a lot!

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FAS issue happens again.

Logon to ask.fp.o:

# **400 - Bad Request**

User not authenticated at continue

If the error persists and if you think this is an error, contact [Fedora Infra](https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues) to resolve the problem.

Logon to pagure.io
OpenID request was cancelled

Logon to bugzilla.rh.com

401 - Unauthorized

Authentication failure

Try to login again

Logon to accounts.fp.o

Notification sent to IRC channel #fedora-admin

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Yes, as the ticket notes—it’s an intermittent issue with the Open ID authentication server. It’ll happen sometimes but not necessarily always.