Long boot after upgrading kernel to 5.12.6 F34

After upgrading kernel to 5.12.6 through dnf my boot is stuck on “Starting Switch root”, and than after ~30 sec without any errors it boots into OS. Today updated to 5.12.7 and this problem is still present. Tired to switch selinux=0 and boot - same result, long waiting on “Starting Switch root”. Anyone else experiencing same thing?

I’m experiencing the same issue. On my system the boot process hangs for ~90 seconds at “Starting Switch root” with all 5.12.x kernels I tried yet. Booting kernel 5.11.19 doesn’t have this problem.

I have to add that my system is not a fresh install of Fedora 34 but it has been upgraded over the years from Fedora 27 (I think). So maybe this is related to some component that (bootloader? filesystem?) that has changed in Fedora but hasn’t been upgraded for existing installations.

I don’t think this is related to 1765297 – System become unbootable (Failed to start Switch Root) after the last upgrade because my /boot/grub2/grubenv seems to be intact.

A year ago (on Fedora 32) I added systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0 as boot arg because this was required to run Docker back then. As this is no longer the case I removed this argument from my grub config but this appears to have no effect.

UPDATE: This might be the relevant bug for this issue, no proposed solution yet: 1965725 – 5.12.X kernels fail to boot

A temporary hang means something is timing out. Boot without rhgb or quiet and see if it show what service is actually timing out.

tried to restart with rhgb and quiet option off, and still, Starting Switch root \n Welcome to Fedora 34… And waiting, than after some time rest processes starts without any errors