Make possible to edit own old posts for members

Please make possible to edit own old posts for members, i.e. Trust Level 2.
This is useful for instructions and how-tos to update to the current release.
Currently there’s a time limit that prevents editing old posts.

Mmm. I think that we should insist that this is a forum. If people want to maintain an How-To, we should invite them to write an maintain a quick-doc


Yeh, this is really a bad place for how-tos. How old are these posts that you’ve been required to edit @vgaetera? Perhaps the time that one is allowed to edit can be tweaked—to one release or something?

It doesn’t seem flexible enough and wastes too much time and effort to write a whole article which should follow specific style, formatting and guidelines for a single post.
I want to reply to a person by sharing my old post but it may require an update or fix due to a typo, obsolete link, incomplete/deprecated command, etc.
It works fine on the OpenWrt forum and I don’t understand why is this a problem here.

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Well the idea is that it will be reviewed, and thus checked for correctness. Posts here on the forum are not reviewed.

You’ve just mentioned the problem. Your original post would be about a particular version of tools—all our posts here are “snapshots” in time. If you update it to work with newer versions, it no longer applies to the older versions that were being discussed in the topic. This will confuse people who will get to the post and follow the thread.

This is why we close/archive old posts—if they’re related to older versions of tools or older Fedora releases, we want to discourage users from finding them. A better solution is either to:

  • copy the relevant bits over to your new solution for the new versions of software, and update the relevant bits: so, there’s the archive which worked with the old version, and now your new document that works in the present
  • or, like we suggest, use quick-docs—they are living documents that get verified periodically

Forums are for discussion, we don’t want them to become documentation. I know it isn’t simple, but that’s the idea, and well, we think the extra work is worth it to have sane, verified user-documentation.

What information are you looking to update? Can we help converting it into a quick-doc perhaps?

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