Maybe spins can be more "modern"?

(First of all, I’m not a native English speaker so if there are any errors, I’m sorry for that.)
Well I love Fedora, especially its Workstation version. But I tried other spins of Fedora, and I’m not very satisfied.
For example, the KDE spin still uses X11 rather than wayland as its default display protocol. Some X11 based desktop environments use xscreensaver as the default locker (I think something like light-locker should be used instead). The mate spin is called MATE-Compiz, but as we know, compiz is pretty old. In comparison, Macro is still in active development.
So, I wonder if Spins can be more modern. After all, it’s Fedora, and it should always keep up with newest technology :smile_cat:


KDE Wayland still has some missing functionality, and stability is rather hit-or-miss (for some people it works perfectly, but for many others it’s incredibly buggy).


The spins are managed by teams in Fedora, and they decide what software goes in. In general, they follow upstream—we all try to follow upstream:

For specific queries, one should ask the team/SIG that manages a spin The KDE SIG, for example, manages the KDE Spin.

Integrating software is hard. Just because Wayland is now “ready to use” does not mean that all software can just pick it up. A lot of work must be done to get other software to work with Wayland and this is a work in progress at best. So, yes, keeping up with newest technology would be nice, but the work needs to be done.

Fedora is no longer a “bleeding edge” distribution. We now try to balance being new with being stable. You can read more on the updates policy here:

The ideal scenario here would be:

  • get in touch with the team that manages the Spin you are interested in
  • learn how they do things, and why they do them
  • help them—there’s always lots of work and not enough hands to do them

(So this is an excellent contribution opportunity :clap:)

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