Mlocate does not find files in /home on fedora 33 (btrfs)

I have a pretty standard fedora 33 install with the default filesystem layout (btrfs).
I just noticed that locate file will not find anything in my home directory.
In the default layout of fedora 33, /home is a btrfs subvolume. Are those not searched by default? If yes, how to enable mlocate on /home?
I am aware of the option to create a new database for /home, but I prefer to have one common index for both, / and /home.


This seems to be a known issue:


Thanks, I was not aware of this. I only searched to issues related to fedora 33, as I figured it would be surfacing about now. Did certainly not expect the issue to be more than 7 years old.

In the bug report you linked there is a crude workaround: Set PRUNE_BIND_MOUNTS = "no" in /etc/updatdb.conf. This works a little bit, but also indexes and lists all the btrfs snapshots which btrbk is creating (and pruning) for me. So I guess I will simply have to wait for a real solution to appear.


Maybe use PRUNEPATHS to exclude the btrbk parent directory, in addition to PRUNE_BIND_MOUNTS ?


Very easily to confirm this bug. Just find any fedora installation with btrfs (not necessarily fedora 33, since btrfs had been always available in Anaconda, just not default), type locate <filename> for anything in /home directory and voila, nothing found. (Curiously, GNOME shell search works just fine)
BTW, I create snapshots for my /home directory in /.snapshots/home-$(date +%Y%m%d) and they show up in locate search results.

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