Mobile layout changed a few days ago?

Did the forum layout for mobile change a few days ago? It used to be a nice clean look with all the words visible and now it’s compacted and you have to scroll sideways to read the topics. Checked on Chrome, DuckDuckGo and Firefox mobile browsers on two different devices.

This is what other Discourse forums typically look like on mobile and what this site looked like until a few days ago:

Here’s what it looks like now:

I definitely prefer the original look! It’s almost like it started presenting the desktop view instead of mobile view by default.


We didn’t make an update to the theme, but the hosted software is continually upgraded, and it’s possible something affected this. I’m seeing the same thing, where it’s not wrapping. We’ll have to check if it’s something in our local theming that’s now not working right, or an upstream change that causes the issue. (The Home Assistant forum seems to be self-hosted, and possibly several releases behind, so it might not be the best comparison…)

@hhlp, any ideas?


txt for report this I will check that, the same behaviour in



Its seem some compoment theme I will disable all in a development theme and add it one by one to chatch it.


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catched it and fixed now… @firecat53 and thx for reporting :100:

The problem is a component:

  1. Easy footer
  2. Fedora easy Footer color & Tweaks

The behaviour is present the topic in only online instead of web responsive

@mattdm Do we really need this???

Temporary Solution

I disabled here as well in Discussion.fp.o


This was reported in Discourse Meta before


This is a temporary solutions


I sugest wait until it is fix in upstream.



Yes, we need to have. This is something Red Hat legal has asked us to for regulatory compliance. Technically just the Privacy link is required but the others are nice too.

Let’s put the workaround in the mobile CSS for “Fedora Easy Footer Color & Tweaks”? (Tell me if I should do it … otherwise I’ll wait for you to do it, so we’re not stepping on each other’s feet!)

Yes, sure @mattdm I will do it right Now.

Done and fix in both sides…



So, not to be a squeaky wheel, but has anyone noticed that there are pretty significant margins now on both sides of the screen on mobile? The text wraps, but now it is a much narrower reading space, again not like other Discourse forums.


I’m seeing the same thing on iOS. But it’s only on the topic list page. The conversations in the individual topics have the correct margins.

It’s back to normal now, thanks!


@mattdm revert changes to normal here and discussion, tested in both sides, because was fixed in upstream,


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