Mouse (Logitech M705) freeze on Fedora 34

I installed Fedora 34 and I experience mouse freeze after a while (20-30 minutes of work) but the keyboard works fine - I can still do something using shortcuts. I’m sure the problem is not in the mouse because it works fine with Windows 10 (currently writing this text on it). How do I fix it?
Additional information:

  • I made dnf update and restarted - it didn’t help
  • My mouse is wireless: Logitech M705
  • It’s the first time I’m trying Fedora but I have experience with Linux

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Cool, i guess i need to buy me such one. Mine not writes text, even being a logitech too :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes by side, please read the #start-here section if you not had time yet.
To debug we need more information.

There is a recent firmware update for M705.

Are you using the latest version already?

  • Logitech Unifying for Chrome

Lets you add devices to your Unifying receiver.

Why Update?

    • Add compatible mice, keyboards, and other devices to your Unifying receiver.
  • Software Version: 1.0.1

  • Last Update: 2014-12-19

  • OS: Chrome OS

  • File Size: 990 KB

Download Now

looks old …

It is under the Windows downloads.

Seems I found the cause of the problem - an Xbox controller was connected to a PC. There is no freeze without it