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I am new to fedora, and my Linux experience is limited.

Could someone help me to install MS Office 2019 Pro Plus x86 x64 in my Fedora 31? (x64 please since my Fedora is x64.)

I tried installing with Wine-Staging but it always gave an error message first and quits. Actually, it seems like it cannot really install any app.

I am surprised that installing MS Office in Fedora is not very well documented.

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As you may know, if a program is not designed for Linux, there is no hope you can run it on Linux.
And it is true the opposite as well. Let’s say GIMP, it was born on Linux, but nowadays you can find a version compiled for Windows, and you can find the installer for that operating system. But as said, there is a package for Linux and a package for Windows.
Some programs designed for Windows have not a compiled version for Linux. Like some MacOS programs have not a version for Windows. Etc.

Wine is an effort to emulate some stuff from the Windows world. Some programs work well, some (many) programs don’t work.

Out of curiosity, where did you see MS Office 2019 working on Linux/Wine?

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Doesn’t look good:

Latest Rating: Garbage

Your best bet is probably to use a virtual machine.


MS doesn’t publish it for GNU/Linux. And if it doesn’t work in Wine, there is little one can do or document about it.

You may have more luck using Office365 in a browser.

Maybe you can get used to Libreoffice and surrender MS Office entirely. From my experience this may be dificult, especially when working collaboratively in team but it’s not impossible.


Short answer. MS Office doesn’t exist for Linux… You can install MS Office (2013) with a virtual machine. O using PlayOnLinux. Is bugy, don’t forget it… LibreOffice is a option; now has “mode tabs”…