My Acer aspire 3 laptop switch off immediately when I unplug my earphones

I have Acer aspire 3 laptop it has an i3 7th Gen processor, 4 GB ram, 1TB HDD and Integrated Graphics. Whenever I unplug my earphones the laptop immediately goes black and switch off. Kindly give some solution.

Does this behavior happens in other distors, too? Is it related to the headphones? Have you tried different ones? Do the results differ?

Ya this happened with Manjaro which I used in December 2018 as well but I didn’t had this issue in Ubuntu until April 2019. After my PhD thesis work. I came back again to fedora as I always liked it. But this one problem is still a mystery to me :thinking:

Today morning I ran an update and now the system is not shutting down if I remove earphones. :blush: Hence I am marking this topic as solved.