Need Help Fixing Fedora Chromium Install Docs

I’m working on the Quick Doc for Installing Chromium or Chrome on Fedora, and I ran into some issues around the widevine plugin.

  1. The following statement is made, “Fedora’s Chromium package does not support h264, mp3, or aac because of legal concerns. It is built to support the widevine plugin (but does not include it).”
  • Is the “widevine” plugin still needed in Chromium. I did a test of Youtube videos and those played without this plugin being installed according to the directions in the Quick Doc?
  • Has the need for the widevine plugin ceased to be a need with the latest Chromium on F31?
  1. Under “Enabling Chromium plugins” you find the additional steps:
    1. Copy and from the Google Chrome package into /usr/lib64/chromium-plugins . 2. Restart Chromium. You can see Widevine Content Decryption Module in chrome://flags .
  • I downloaded the Chrome.rpm from Google, but in that rpm you can only find and there is no Is only the still necessary?
  • There is no /usr/lib64/chromium-plugins but there is a directory called /usr/lib64/chromium-browser that seems to have all of the library files in it. Should users copy the file into that directory?
  • When you restart Chromium after moving into that directory, you don’t see a flag that you can change when you go to chrome://flags. So does that mean the library is not working or that it is in the wrong place?

As I mentioned, I’m working on this Quick Doc page and would like to make it better for all Fedora users, so if you have some information about running Chromium on F31 that would be helpful to me in updating that Quick Doc page, I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Did you try chromium-freeworld from the RPM Fusion?
There’s also another thread about Widevine in Chromium:

It seems working without the chrome://flags step.

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I am stuck with the same issue. Installing chromium-freeworld doesn’t seem to help at all (as stated in the other post)

I attempted this, and didn’t have any luck with chromium or chromium free world.