Network very Slow

Hello! I’m having some weird problems with my network in Fedora 36 (wifi and ethernet), it’s very slow, the entire system, not only on browsers. I even don’t know how to debug this.

The problem seems something like DNS, it’s about 5 secounds to open a page, after it open the speed is fast. I test Ubuntu 22.04 lts and Windows 10, unfortunately this problem only occours in Fedora.

Whats is impacted with this issue:

  • Browsers
  • dnf
  • wget

*Everithing that depends on internet.

I try the Fedora 36 live (whitout install) and the problem is the same.

this is my hardware:

I got some kind of log, I don’t know if it can be useful:

I was experiencing similar issues, but only on Fedora. On any other distro, webpages would load just fine. What I did to fix it was to first disable IPv6 for my network connection. Then, I set DNS to use the addresses provided by my ISP, instead of my router. You can login to the admin portal for your router to find these addresses.

Hello @mrsudowoodo ! thank you for the reply, I tried this steps, but doesn’t resolve my issue unfortunately.

I think it’s a problem with systemd-resolved, the resolvectl query command took 5 seconds.

I following this documentation to Disabling DNS processing in the NetworkManager configuration:

and for now my network is fine, I’m still testing.

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That is very good to know. I’ll be giving that a try the next time I’m running Fedora. Thank you for posting what worked for you!