NetworkManager Applet (Mate desktop) not reconnects after enabling network

While for longer time not staying on the computer, I disable the network over the NetworkManager Applet v 1.20.0

deactivated nmcli shows:
enp0s25: unmanaged "Intel 82579LM" ethernet (e1000e), 00:01:C0:0D:97:17, hw, mtu 1500

If i activate the network again after longer being off, it looks this way:

enp0s25: disconnected "Intel 82579LM" 1 connection available ethernet (e1000e), 00:01:C0:0D:97:17, hw, mtu 1500
In the settings of the NetworkManager Applet under “General” i have “Connect automatically with priority -999” active.

If I just disable and enable the network over the applet it works.

What could be the reason?

Under fedora 32 it works without this hick up (NetworkManager Applet 1.18.0).

I not found a solution but a workaround is, after longer been deactivated, activate the Network and deactivate and activate again … Must be a bug, but i don’t know how i should debug?

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