New (2021) Fedora logo stickers

Fedora 34 has a new refreshed logo. As a reminder, it is this one, which you can see at each start: Fedora (GNU/Linux) — Wikipédia

It’s possible to find stickers with the old logo, but I particularly like the design of the new one, and unfortunately I can’t get a sticker with the new logo. Right now I only need one sticker, and at most I will need three eventually, which is why ordering customed stickers on stickermule would be totally disproportionate to my needs.

Is it possible to get stickers with the new logo in small quantities, and if so, where?

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Unfortunately, I don’t quite know producers that allow one to buy such small quantities. I know that stickermule does a Linux pack, but I’m not sure if the Fedora sticker is in the basic pack (if not we should look into getting it included). it also seems to use the old logo. I guess we do need to contact them to update that.

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When you say “we”, who are you referring to? I am willing to help, but I have not the slightest authority that would justify their attention to me.

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One of the Fedora committees, maybe Mindshare. I filed a ticket here: