New login needed - old posts

with old askfedora it was possible to use login from fedoraproject. Is new login no needed?

What about posts? Are they migrated/transferred to new forum?

Please clarify.

Reffering to the first part of your Question, the new instance use the same login method that askbot used… Fedora Account System aka FAS…

Sorry, for migration from the old instance, there were too many Dupe Question, Off-topic, Question without answer, Question about too old fedora release that complete the EOL cycle and now are not supported with consist in no update and a vulnerative problem, etc…

What is EOL? let’s see in math, I’m on :fedora: 27: and a release is comming:

:fedora: 30 - 2 = :fedora: 28, so :fedora: 27 will EOL when :fedora: 30 will be release…

and the decision was start with a clean instance…



If you are able to post to the forum, you are logged in via FAS. :clap:

@awfed, I suggest to review the links below:


Please read the full thread, not only those two replies. They do not explain the full discussion/context.

Shouldn’t there be a way to sign in with an email or a distinct account? FAS is great for anyone buying into the entire ecosystem, but much less useful if you only need an account for a service or two.

Askbot supported this.

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