Nextcloud Desktop app

I am using Nextcloud desktop app to connect my pc to my nextcloud server host.
I have to use my username and password every time the computer boots.
is there a way to set it up so it logs in automatically?

Hello, and welcome to Ask Fedora ! I don’t use Nextcloud, but it does look pretty interesting. I did a quick read through of their doc’s , and strangely enough don’t find any explicit explanation of what you are asking. There is a -n option for the command line client that uses netrc for login. The accounts setting tab seems to be the place I would think such connectivity issues are addressed, but again I couldn’t find a specific option mentioned, outside of the user credentials info. Then there is the configuration file in $HOME/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg. You could create a script to start the client at startup as a cron job as seen here But I think you would only need to make the ~/.netrc file (in your home dir) with your user credentials as below …
" And the ~/.netrc file contains the user credentials:

login foobar
password p@ssw0rd

Note: the .netrc file must reside in the home directory. It is not possible for a different file to be used."

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Hi, I had the exact same problem and installing libgnome-keyring solved it for me.
There is also an issue around the github-page for a while where someone posted this solution