No email notifications

I opened a discussion yesterday which has had a dozen replies but I have not had a single email notification. The thread shows as “Watch” : “You will receive notifications because you created this topic.”

I have verified my email in my profile and it is good. I have checked my spam filter is not catching the notifications.

Why don’t I get notifications? This means I have to bookmark each thread and keep reloading to see if I have a reply. What is going on ?


“Watch” does not mean you will receive e-mails. It means you will get notifications in the browser (assuming you have a browser that supports them), or that it will list these threads under “new”.

E-mail updates are sent to users if they have not logged on to the forum for 60 minutes after an update.

If you’ve not had a chance, please read the “start here!” post:

It includes links to the Discourse documentation, including on on notifications:

Thanks , it seems that we have a classic case of redefinition of what terms mean and inconsistent usage ( forums vs categories ) it will take some time to get used to this platform.

That does not seem to be the case unless "not logged in " actually means “not logged out”. I have been to bed several times in the last few days and never got a single email from this platform.

Now I get what “notification” is supposed to mean, I’ll keep an eye the F-spot. That is how I found you reply here.


Yes, it is a bit dicey—especially given that some browsers now allow “background notifications”. I.e., even if the website is not open in a tab/window, it is still running in the background and the browser will send you “push notifications”. If Discourse thinks you’re online, it will then assume you are active and maybe not send you an e-mail. I’m not certain—I don’t use this fancy new tech :slight_smile:

There are some options in the user-preferences in relation to web and e-mail notifications. Maybe worth having a look there.

Maybe this one? I didn’t try it.

thanks alci, that looks relevant.