No internet access in terminal

My Fedora Linux 30 cant access internet from TERMINAL. How do I access and use dnf command with a web proxy server on a Fedora Linux ?

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@kks What error do you get when you try to access internet from the terminal?

you should configure dnf to use your proxy:

You need to configure the proxy server in /etc/dnf/dnf.conffile as follows:

sudo vi /etc/dnf/dnf.conf

  1. proxy=http://URL:PORT/ – Proxy server URL to the proxy, You must set a complete URL, including the TCP port number.
  2. proxy_username=YOUR-PROXY-USERNAME-HERE (optional)- Your proxy server username.
  3. proxy_password=YOUR-SUPER-secrete-PASSWORD-HERE (optional) – Your proxy server password.

if you’re in a bussiness environment consult your IT team…



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