No microphone signal/input - Thinkpad T14 gen1 (AMD)

I have been trying to troubleshoot microphone input issues on my Thinkpad T14 gen1 (AMD) running Fedora 36. The microphone is detected and listed in Gnome Settings as “Digital Microphone - Family 17h/19h HD Audio Controller”. However, if I select the device, set the volume/sensitivity to 100%, and try to record audio using arecord or audacity, there is no signal at all. Another odd thing is that the red bars under the device in Gnome Settings, which usually indicate the input level, do “light up” but do not change with the noise level. Instead, they just track with the volume setting of the microphone, with all bars showing red if the volume is set to 100% (regardless of the noisiness of the environment).

I am curious if others have observed the same problem with relatively recent Lenovo devices.

My only lead so far is that the ArchWiki Thinkpad page marks the Thinkpad T14 gen1 AMD model as requiring a number of extra packages/drivers.

From Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ArchWiki,

The alsa-firmware package contains firmware that may be required for certain sound cards (e.g. Creative SB0400 Audigy2).

sof-firmware and/or alsa-ucm-conf are required for some newer laptop models (mainly since 2019) because they implement their drivers with firmware provided by the Sound Open Firmware project.

However, I am not sure how to check if the proper drivers are installed/loaded by Fedora.