No network connection for Windows 10 in Gnome Boxes

Hi all,

I installed Windows 10 in Gnome Boxes because I want to get rid of VirtualBox. Everything works nice, I can even access my USB headset, etc beside the network. Windows 10 doesn’t show any network device. This means I also can’t access the Internet with Windows.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks a lot!

This might help:

c. Install the virtio driver in the Windows guest for optimum network performance in the VM, they can be found here

Gnome Boxes and Windows Guest | GExperts Inc

Thanks, sounded promising but unfortunately didn’t worked for me.

I followed the link until I got there:

Added the dnf repo and installed the “virtio-win” package on my Fedora machine. Additionally I installed the “virtio-win-guest-tools.exe” on the windows system. But Windows still don’t find any network device :frowning:

This are the Gnome Boxes logs, I don’t see any obvious error but maybe someone else sees something?

Even that it sounds super strange, this was indeed the solution:

Initially I used the German version of Windows 10. Now I downloaded the English version, installed it the same way in Gnome Boxes and the network works out-of-the-box.

If someone knows or find out why, this would be still interesting. But the problem as such is solved for me. :slight_smile:

It is difficult with closed source software. I imagine that boxes just was tested with the English version. Is the Win10 version you use able just to install German language files?