No sound after upgrade install of Fedora 35 (rawhide)

This is not a question per-se but more of a break down of my original issue and the solution.

I recently decided to feel adventurous and jump on the rawhide bandwagon with my laptop running F34 plasma. So as all intrepid explorers do, I promptly performed a dnf system-upgrade and off it went. After approx 1 hr the system had rebooted and installed the necessary.

The system boots and I log in, everything is looking great until I look at the task bar and notice the red strike through the audio indicator. I click this and ‘no sound devices detected’ hmm is this the 5.14 kernel or something else…oh well no time to troubleshoot, put it away.

Today I decide to look a bit deeper, lspci -v showed that the audio device was there and that a module was loaded for it. Typing pactl info showed the pipewire-pulse item was available, but a pactl list sinks short showed nothing. I went into alsamixer which showed that the sound card was literally there as expected, I could modify the volume settings etc.

Long story short, a quick internet search and a trip to the faithful Archwiki pipewire page later the solution was staring me in the face:

a new systemd service has been added which is disabled by default, meaning there is no pipewire-media-session running on system start

Sure enough, systemctl --user status pipewire-media-session showed pipewire-media-session was disabled and not running, so systemctl --user enable pipewire-media-session && systemctl --user start pipewire-media-session being the logical next step that’s what I did and suddenly the audio icon changed back to normal showing the device was there and ready for use.

So the whole point is, for future reference when F35 comes out hopefully this issue will be resolved, but at least you have one possible solution in the meantime.


Fedora 35 is switching to wire plumber.


true. well i probably should have read up on the changes there, but still i feel like the upgrade process should obsolete pipewire-media-session if that’s the proposal


I think that this is covered under the “Scope” section of the change proposal:

Release engineering: A new systemd service will need to be activated in the default install.

Since F35 has just branched, it’s not surprising that this hasn’t landed yet. I would prefer that we get to a place where people aren’t dropping these changes into Rawhide without all the parts lined up, though.

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There is a good log of accepted changes for Rawhide / Branched Fedora.

It will be great if there is a status field, showing it is “ready to test” or not.

After reading that wireplumber was the accepted replacement in the post above by @grumpey and how to switch pipewire-media-session to wireplumber from the change proposal, I installed wireplumber and tested that general audio worked as expected, which it did.

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Currently, Fedora 35 Beta uses wireplumber and the system should switch to it automatically when being upgraded. There have been some flaws recently, that wireplumber was not installed by default and pipewire-media-session had to be restarted manually in early upgrades, but this should be gone now.

If problems persist, please report bugs.

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