No sound through speakers Lenovo Ideapad/Yoga S740-15

Hello all, I have been trying to get sound on through my speakers on my dual boot setup with fedora 33 x64 without succes. There doesn’t seem to be a solution online for this issue and some other newer laptops with the same type of audio card configuration have got the same issue, so maybe this post will get some answer.

Here is the alsa-info script output, it includes the dmesg for the audio and all appropriate drivers.


So far I have tried adding commands to the boot command line, remapping the pins, but all resulted in still no sound. The headphone jack stops working at random as well but I think that issue is related to the speaker problem.

Is anyone able to help me troubleshoot this a bit further?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tijs,

have you tried pavucontrol? Sometimes that helps people to get some sound.

Yes, I have tried that but it sadly doesn’t work, the speakers show up in pavucontrol, the sound bar moves indicating there is supposed to be sound, but there is none. Sound through an HDMI connection does work however.