No tutorial message from discobot

I’m new to the forum, I created my account something like a month ago but hadn’t used it. Reading the posts for new users, I found about the supposed message I was meant to recieve from discobot so I can follow a tutorial. There seems to be no message, and while my account isn’t really new, I haven’t done anything with it. I’m including a screenshot of the messages page:

Click on @discobot (<-- click on it right here) and select Message (see below). In the body of the message type: @discobot start tutorial. That should start it for you.



You are right, diskbot is generally switched on and you get a message how you can switch it off if you have enough.

About messages in general, i also have the feeling that they get lost with time. I’m missing also older Messages.

Maybe someone has an explanation why?

I still have messages all the way from April 2019, so I don’t think they’re being lost. If you can confirm that you’ve lost messages, please open a new issue and someone can look into it.

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That’s odd, yeh. In the past, discobot would send a welcome message. I’ll go check the settings to see if there’s anything there. This is the topic on the discobot tutorial, in the meantime:

I think the welcome message was disabled temporarily in our settings, but I’ve reverted that change now (the second option below was checked, unchecked it now):

I’m not sure if you’ll get a message though @areal-audiogram , so you may have to message discobot to start the tutorial. Sorry about that.

@mattdm : just checking that we’re OK to leave the welcome message enabled, otherwise we’ll update the post explaining the tutorial to ask people to message the bot to get started.

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I think so. I see that I’m the one who turned it off, but I can’t remember why. I think it was in the course of debugging something else, or else I would have made one of the customary discussion topics about it here.

I do think as more people get used to Discourse in general, the bot is going to get more annoying than useful for more and more people. I also think it’d be nice to at least customize it for Fedora. But as long as people are finding it helpful now, we can leave it.


For what it’s worth, I’ve recently started contributing time here and found the discobot tutorials, at least, to be very helpful for onboarding - both the beginner and advanced tutorial. They were well worth the time to go through as someone who isn’t a major Discourse user in general who is trying to be more involved in this space. I would likely have had a hard time finding them without a notification or message.


This is the case if someone fist get involved by ask.f.o and then switches to discussion.f.o for example, the same got repeated. But the function to turn it off on the second site is quite clear in the introduction bot message.
What annoyed the first group of ppl helps the second one.