Not boot not disks

I am test 5 boot & not boot.

I am usb fedora 34, & it is disks. I am 2 tb disks is live & restore disks.

Do i is run fsck is mounted? Do it command is uuid?

That is the grub boot menu.
Fedora 35 currently has the 5.17.5 kernel if you were to update.

You do not say exactly what the issue is. That menu does not show any errors.

Can you boot with one of the older kernels (5.16.18 or 5.16.19)? Some had trouble with the 5.16.20 kernel and it was quickly replaced with the 5.17.4 kernel update.

Not boot.

One select - not boot
Two select. - not boot

You write that none of the kernels you select boots. What does happen? We need some details.

(I am hospital … Sorry)

I am usb rescue, & disks & term.

It not boot?