NVidia battery life

If u have nvidia module loaded, you can switch beetween Hybrid and Full-Nvidia just logging out. Its done by changing some configs into xorg.conf. That must be what ZorionOS does.

And I agree with you, but as Jeff said, Fedora doesn’t really support or spend time developing tools for software they don’t support. I also agree is a mistake. Nobara( a gaming fork of Fedora ) as I recall has a auto-install of nvidia and the tool I mentioned comes ready and enable in the distro. It work, as I said, just like any other tool from Pop-OS, Ubuntu, Garuda, and so on.

You choose the mode of your nvidia+intel and the system ask you to reboot or reload while under the hood it modifies the config files and boot config ( what we need to do manually in Fedora and other distros).

I recall someone posting something in another nvidia post about a script or small automation of this process as well, but prob is not support into Fedora as well.