OAuth 2 linked account


how can I remove the Oauth linked account under preference ? Because I want to remove the email associated with that.

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You can not remove and be without email.

Under the profile Picture you have to click on the Screenshot from 2022-10-06 08-28-19 Icon to change the email.

To use a single login for the fedora community accounts it is also good to check https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/ and set on ask fedora the same as in accounts.

Thanks for your answer.

How can I change this OAuth 2 email ?

Check your profile and set/change email as you need. Then use the credentials from accounts.fedoraproject.org to log in to ask.fedoraproject.org . It is a single login.

If it not works, you might have to accept the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement first.

Thanks it works after acepting the FPCA