Oauth support for Yahoo Email in Gnome Evolution

I just received an email from AT&T/Yahoo email about switching to Oauth for authentication into the email servers. My question is does evolution support Oauth? Looking into the setup of my email account I’m using “TLS on dedicated port” and password, but I don’t see anything close to “Oauth”. If it is supported then how do I set it up? I should add this is just a typical POP account.
Any help appreciated! If I can’t figure it out then I have to find another email client and I’ve used evolution for a really long time (since approximately 1998).


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Many mail services are moving to OAuth to avoid transmitting a single password via login. However, of course many mail programs don’t implement that for every single mail service.

As a result, you’re usually able to generate an “app password” from your mail service’s settings that’s used in place of your normal password for login from the mail app. Since these are app-specific, they’re easy to manage and revoke, which helps work around some of the issues with traditional auth. I’d expect Yahoo to have a similar feature.