Open source way of managing your password and other credentials

Is there a linux alternate to password management across devices? I mainly lastpass for storing login credentials. But am curious to know what the users of fedora do to manage their login credentials and storing sensitive data like pins and account number etc.

Personally, I use KeepassXC, it works fantastically well. You still have to copy your key database between devices manually, though.


Or use syncthing. :wink:




I use pass on my Fedora laptop and Android device.

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Really good suggestions. KeepassXC and syncthing looks like a good option. I will check it out.


I use KeepassXC on my Linux PCs and Strongbox on my mobile devices. Strongbox can use the Keepass databases.

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I second bitwarden.
Sometimes gives me issues on my phone, but I blame MIUI!

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You might investigate Enpass. It will sync phones and computers using Cloud storage services.

I’ll use Bitwarden in my WS, laptop and android phone, all synchronized of course. And Firefox (and my wife Chrome) has an extension that is great.

One of my password management goals is to keep my password database off of cloud storage, even though my database is encrypted.

You do not need to use cloud storage with Enpass. It is just an option. Your data can live on your local storage and be sync’d in what ever manner you desire, or not.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Enpass.

Enpass looks interesting, like the idea of not using the cloud. I just have few devices namely-phone, tablet, windows pc and fedora system. So would need to sync with my tablet and phone.