Open thankfull message for Fedora project developers team & packagers with suggestions

I’m a Fedora Linux user since end 4 years with Fedora since Fedora 24 to 26 to 28 to 30 & finally now on 32. My plan is to stay on Fedora Linux for ever … And even if I confronted by a situation in future enforce me to shift to other GNU/Linux distro, I will never forget Fedora which - by it’s performance bugs being a real time development bleeding edge distro - learn me what is GNU/Linux & how to use this great OS … If I was using other distro like Debian or OpenSUSE, I was not to learn as much as I learned from using Fedora because these distros are stable … Nice in Fedora bugs that they are almost all in performance not in security, & those limited very rare security bugs are fixed as rapidly as possible so that users security not break !

It is now the time to give my thanks & feedback to those who working day & night to make such great Linux distro (Fedora) available for community & ALL FOR FREE !!

I would like to give my hot thanks for your hard works to build this distro & maintain it’s packages … The words, what ever the tongue try to saying, not able to give you your real credentials …

I have to suggestions to improve our Fedora Linux:

  1. Fedora known to be super secure Linux distro for regular laptop/desktop users like me. It is evaluated by experts to be more secure than Debian …
    However, there is some negative point in this regard in compere with Debian & OpenSUSE. Debian & OpenSUSE make all their official packages as fully deterministic (fully reproducible) so that users & expert can compere their packages to their corresponding source codes byte to byte & thus verifying them … But, currently, Fedora building non-reproducible packages ! Why this shortage ? It will be better for Fedora to shift to building reproducible packages that can be verified easy & in more trusty way …
    For that I would like to suggest on you to shift from non-reproducible packages building to the deterministic (fully reproducible) packages building …

  2. I would like to suggest on you to add YaST of OpenSUSE to be available in Fedora Linux - see:

Currently, Fedora using DNFdragora from Magia Linux & it is not good. Personally I remove DNFdragora from my Fedora Cinnamon due to it’s faults … What prevent Fedora project from import YaST from OpenSUSE & make it available on Fedora ? If the aim from that to enhance development of newly created packages like dnfdragora, you can make YaST available in Fedora Linux official repositories without installed it by default …
YaST is really great GUI GNU/Linux tool ! It can replace the use of command line by about 97% or even higher ! Adding YaST to Fedora Linux will elevate it to the sky …



evilBuratinoMode(“Citation needed”)

Seems that you’re right.

PS: Aren’t the Gnome DE offer all of that YAST thing, as YAST is afaik just a “launcher”?  There is already GUIs for firewalld, for fonts, and logs browsing…  And all of that is accessible with Alt + F1 and a nice search bar.

   Though i’m use sway.


  1. Not all users using GNOME DE. I’m using Cinnamon.
    Even GNOME DE it has no active package manager. gnome-package is dead (no active development). If Fedora allow DNFdragora from other distro then why not allowing YaST ?1
  2. regarding shift to use reproducible build, it seem (??) from following link that this will not achieved - see:
    It is archived …

Fedora doesn’t “not allow” YaST: if someone has the time + knowhow + resources to make it work with the Fedora package pipeline, they are more than welcome to do so.

As an aside: Fedora is not a company that provides software to users or forbids users from using any software. It’s a community that comes together to make and integrate Free/Open Source tools and different products with the aim of promoting Free Software. At the moment, we have man-power to support DNF as our primary package manger. Different DEs have their own: Gnome-Software/Discover etc.

So, there’s someone who spends time to maintain DNFDragora (which is literally a front-end to DNF, so I don’t understand the “from other distro” bit that you’ve mentioned. It’s a FOSS tool, and any distributions are able to use it.) and so, it’s available in Fedora. If someone does the same for YaST, it’ll be available too.

This is known, and I hope you will believe that if this was a trivial issue to solve, the community (which includes lots of senior developers: kernel devs/infrastructure leads from RedHat and beyond, so lots of folks who know how things work very very well) would have solved it. It is not. A community makes decisions based on the total resources at their disposal from the people in the community, and currently there simply aren’t enough resources to pursue reproducible builds. Please rest assured that this has not been forgotten, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done between saying “we should have reproducible builds!!” and actually implementing the infrastructure changes necessary to have them.


Now I’m curious, other than rust and go stuff, what exactly is not reproducible?
I’ve compared packages built in koji and local mock and even the debug symbols are identical when everything is on the same version.

Leading edge. Not bleeding edge. Packages here are fairly updated but not to a point where they don’t have supporting dependencies and have poor performance. It does not matter anyway if you use those phrases interchangeably but this is something to note.

Do you mean to say that Fedora is “unstable”? How dare you! :laughing:

I kinda agree with this. Workstation kinda slowed down on me at times but never have I ever seen security bugs till date. (Partly because maybe I have not been dealing with stuff that “challenge” security)

That is just a UI with all the functionalities and stuff united to be under a single place as far as I know. There is literally nothing Fedora can’t do that OpenSUSE can - minus the parts where OpenSUSE makes it look and feel apparently easy.

The excitement aside - it is a pretty cool proposition to have a tool like this available in the repositories but not installed out-of-the-box. (What do you think @FranciscoD?) We will then leave it for the users to decide if they want to “soar the skies” or not.

Thank you @nokia808 for your warm comments. Messages like these makes us (or at least me) want to contribute more to Fedora. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why is there a need of an exclusive package manager for GNOME DE?

It has not be disallowed per se. The thing is no one has built something like that yet. If someone makes it for Fedora, it is more than welcome.