Pagure issue : Installing OpenCL alongside Mesa drivers for Fedora (quick-doc)

I have created an updated guide for OpenCL on Fedora 33.
My Guide

I am doing a quick docs on pagure to put it nicely. I forked from pagure and cloned it and made my changes but I am unable to push it just throws a 403 error when i git push. @FranciscoD Also there is no upload file option either on pagure. And I am just unable to push to remote. According to the pagure docs I even tried generating API token but it won’t even give me an option to type my credentials and just throws a 403.

It is still giving me a 403 has this been fixed ?

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I have submitted the PR using ssh PR#356: Added How to OpenCL quick doc. - fedora-docs/quick-docs - @FranciscoD :slight_smile: but I have opened an issue on pagure infra regarding the 403 issue.

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will you assign this PR to yourself @FranciscoD ?

No, unfortunately I don’t use OpenCL often enough to be able to verify the doc (at all actually).

Could you e-mail the -devel list asking for a review, since that’s the primary channel for the developers in the community?


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Attempting to git push to an https:// clone will, I believe, always get you a failure message, even with API tokens in place. (git doesn’t actually know to use the token.) Fedora’s API tokens are mostly for the use of the fedpkg tool and similar.

The error message could be more informative, I agree, but I don’t believe pushing back to https:// clones is intended to work. GitHub used to support that, using TLS auth, but even they’ve deprecated the feature. They send an email admonishment every time you use it, and keep threatening to shut it off any day now.

Do you recall if there were any docs you encountered that imply that it should work? It’d be nice to correct those.

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