Permissions change?

Hey all. I notice that there are a LOT of posts in the top-level “Discussions in English” category rather than in the subcategories. Those go into the moderation queue, which increases moderator load and also introduces a delay until the question is posted.

I’d like to change the permissions for the top-level category to Reply/See instead of Create/Reply/See. Anyone see a problem with that?

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I’ve gone ahead and set this as a trial. However, I can still post there. Possibly because I’m admin. Can a regular user try and provide feedback, please? Thank you!



Yes, it’s now impossible to create a new topic in the “English category” (main category).

I am wondering if we should fine-tune the sub-categories. Any question fits the criteria “on using Fedora”, right? It’s sort of pointless to have a sub-category that hosts all questions. Maybe sub-categories could be

  • silverblue
  • workstation
  • server
  • spins

We should have a quick look at the new Manjaro Forum. I think they are making proper use of categories and Sub-Categories. In our setup the categories are mainly used to differentiate between languages.

The current split is “using” and “installing”. Right now, “using” has 2668 questions and “installing” has 495.

I’m open to trying new categories. We didn’t want to over-do it initially. Let’s look at the existing questions and try to find natural sorts of splits.

The question is what we are trying to achieve with the sub-categories? House-keeping? Sorting?

From an end-user perspective, I think the categories don’t matter. If you search for a topic, you search the entire site anyways.

We discussed that in the first days. The outcome was: it is useless to have a bunch of specialized categories. After all, for instance: if I encounter an issue on Silverblue but related to GNOME, the post should go under the first category or is it suitable for every category? If it is related to a network issue and I use KDE, but the issue could be present in every spin, is it fine to keep it under the specific spin category? So we opted for two wide categories: issues and question that you can face in the life cycle of the distribution: : installing (and upgrade), daily usage. No matter the edition or the spin or the specific aspect (network, kernel, DE, applications, release, packages, etc.)

If someoune want to be more specific, there are the tags.