Please continue using this Ask Fedora site for help and support

We are in the process of merging Ask Fedora[1] into Fedora Discussion.

It looks like a lot of people are heading over to Fedora Discussion for help already. I appreciate the enthusiasm — and apologize for the confusion — but please keep using Ask in English, Ask in Other Languages, and Common Issues here. We will move everything in bulk later.

Again, sorry for the confusion. This is still the right place to get help with your problems, ask questions, and help each other out!

  1. this site! ↩︎


:construction: This site is merging into Fedora Discussion. The transition will take some time (we’re aiming for February to be complete). Please pardon some oddities in the meantime as we rearrange, and please keep asking your Fedora questions and helping each other out HERE. Posts will be moved when we’re ready. :construction:

Maybe it would be good to remove the banner and instead posting this as globally pinned topic. The banner may push ask users to Discussion already, but it’s too early.


Maybe, yeah. The current state is a little confusing and not nearly as friendly as the site’s former front page, and I didn’t want to shock people with that.

I agree with this. The current wording is an effective call to action to go to route the user to Discussion. I suggest leading with " helping each other out HERE" as I imagine many users won’t have read that far into the paragraph before already clicking through. At least, as a person with ADHD, I know I would likely be guilty of doing exactly that.

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I’ve removed the banner. This topic is already pinned globally… so let’s see how it goes!