Please delete my account on ask Fedora

I am no more using Fedora and so please delete my account. I am located in Europe and so I have the legal rights to demand the erasing my account.

Thank you.

Delete your FAS account…

Please clarify: do you want your FAS deleted or only your AskFedora account deleted?

To delete your FAS, you will have to file a ticket with the infrastructure team here:

In the meantime, I’ve contacted Discourse to delete your account on this instance.

cc @mattdm — is there anything else we need to do here? I’ve e-mailed Discourse support already.

On FAS site there is a Legal & Privacy link.
Here there is another link to the Privacy Statement for the Fedora Project. Specifically a section related to GDPR: Your Rights and Choices in the EEA
Given that the GDPR is a little mess to understand (at least for me), a user has the rights to require the deletion of his personal data that could not be the account itself specifically. But I’m not a legal, so :man_shrugging:

However in this last link it is stated that:
Where the GDPR applies, you also have the right to withdraw any consent you have given to uses of your personal data. If you wish to withdraw consent that you have previously provided to Fedora, you may do so via our Personal Data Request Form. However, the withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.
Fedora gives you the ability to access, modify or update your personal data at any time. You may log in and make changes to your login information (change your password), your contact information, your general preferences and your personalization settings. If necessary, you may also contact us and describe the changes you want made to the personal data you have previously provided using the Personal Data Request Form.
If you wish to remove your personal data from Fedora, you may contact us using the Personal Data Request Form and request that we remove this information from the Fedora Account System. Other locations where you may have used your personal data as an identifier (e.g. Bugzilla comments, list postings in the archives, wiki change history, and spec changelogs) will not be altered.

But if a person simply want to disable his FAS account, he can follow these simple instructions: Account Termination

My account should be removed completely and all its data. I do not need this account anymore.Which actions I have to undertake to get the removal?

Thank you.

I’ve asked Discourse what the best way is. Please be patient. We must also confirm with the legal team. I’m afraid this cannot be rushed, and isn’t as simple as clicking a button somewhere in the admin panel.

The process requires you to contact the infra team here, and then they’ll do what is needed. Since this has serious legal ramifications, the process must be followed:

Once you’ve contacted them, they will look into how and what needs to be done—including removing your information from AskFedora.

@FranciscoD: Thank you for your friendly help and I have done what you have said. The last thing that I can do, is to say “Good bye” community.

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