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@augenauf regarding this comment:

"Also, for a better understanding. Are you running VirtualBox to host a Fedora 33 Workstation as virtual machine (“Fedora is your guest OS”), or you run Fedora to host virtual machines (headless servers, other distros, MS Windows, bsd, …)?

Did you know that VirtualBox can be installed on Windows and MacOS? So, if you simply want to follow what some instructor is doing in a guest operating system without changing your host operating system, you could install VirtualBox on whatever OS you are running now."

I do know that it can run on MacOS and Windows. I no longer user windows and haven’t for 10 year. When I switched to Mac, I thought I was switching to something more aligned with Linux. I didn’t keep the ThinkPad X1 Gen 8 so that I can continue to operate on an Apple product - but I do appreciate the insight and yes, I’m aware - thank you.

I"m using VirtualBox b/c that’s what the instructor on the course that I’m unable to start (out of my own ignorance of this how this system works) says to use. I see he actually then goes into installing the Ubuntu Distro . Here’s the course link by Dave Cohen titled “Hands-on Linux: Self-Hosted WordPress for Linux Beginners” where he shows you the ins-and-outs of linux and how to run an eCommerce store on WordPress that is 100% secure - HIPAA compliant and PCI DSS compliant.

To answer your question further regarding “why” and “who”- I’m aiming to re-build an eCommerce marketplace (WooCommerce + WC Vendors - multiple vendors) using WordPress and would like to do that by using the hardware security that the ThinkPad comes with, flexibility in terms of security and freedom that Linux comes with and anything that I can use that’ll help a healthcare worker find quality, cheap personal protective equipment where they can also network with each other (using BuddyBoss) and develop content that’s shared both with their name attached and anonymously (using LearnDash) for sensitive content that needs to be said but isn’t communicated in the healthcare environment right now. simply put, being a contact tracer and travleingthe USA with my g/f who is an ICU nurse - people are dying from the virus everyday b/c ofa lack of access to PPE and lack of training and most importantly - lack of communication/knowledge. I’m aiming to change that with wordpress by leveraging the hardware security of thinkpad, OS security ofLinux and w/ cloud security i’ll justuse AWS or Google Clodu (on both) and Salesforce.

I understand everyone here is doing remarkable things and I do appreciate you all, the engineers, developers and tech enthusiasts. I’m sorry for coming out so strong on here - I just didn’t expect my post to evenbe shown. With that said, I also understand fundamental economics - debt, inflation and taxes and I now see what software companies are doing and how they’re doing it. Whether it’s apple or Microsoft or other unmentionable companies - i see them now and it’s frustrating but you’re absolutely correct in that - I’m projecting on here so I’m sorry.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: New User - Very Excited, Just a Bit Unclear What To Do

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