Please spend a minute to test upgrading to Fedora 30


Fedora 30 will be released soon and a number of users will upgrade from their Fedora 28/29 machines. To ensure that upgrades go smoothly for them, we need as many community members as possible to test the upgrade beforehand to identify, report, and fix any issues that may crop up.

On a Fedora 28/29 system, which can be a virtual machine also, please run:

sudo dnf --releasever=30 --setopt=module_platform_id=platform:f30 --enablerepo=updates-testing distro-sync

If things all go well, and you do not experience any dependency errors, you will see a prompt like this:

Total download size: XXX M
Is this ok [y/N]:

Please press N—you do not need to run the actual upgrade.

Please report your results to the devel mailing list here and file bugs against the appropriate packages if you see any errors:


would you use the Fedora 30 beta for daily use? I’ve switched for stability reasons to F29 -
I’d personally use Fed 30 beta on VM/Gnome Boxes.

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Using it now myself, but I do it so I can test and file bugs, so QA purposes. For most end-users, we’d suggest they wait for the release.

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yeah, I’m personally not sure using it - because last time the GNOME-Software manager didn’t show any apps to install more - I guess it’s a bug

I’m on QA-purpose too :wink:


I installed the Fedora 30 Beta on my notebook PC with no issues. I am using it daily. So far, it has been flawless.

I assume there is no need to report this anywhere official.

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Yeh, it’s a lot more important to report bugs to the QA team. If everything is going well, that’s fine :clap: