Problem with Main Panel (Muted categories appear in Categories page)

I just realized that there is a problem here:

I can see the General Categories for all Language even if I have them Muted:


I can’t find any difference in Security TAB…

Is it a Discourse Bug? maybe a regression ? …


this hidden post is definitely offtopic.

:sockpuppet_rat: There is at least one Italian moderator, and one Persian… so on…
:sockpuppet_military_man: Probably. it. is. a. diversion. S-sir!

crowd, whisperings… we just want to be heard by officials!

no @vits95 problem with the site is always on TOPIC, I don’t need to see all Categories that I don’t want to track… this is a specification/function/feature of Discourse

I’m going to refer to you to this POST -> How to unsubscribe from other Language categories

This is a new behavior and we are in the duty of fix it… and report it if is necessary to Discourse TEAM…

OP doesn’t need to see all categories that they don’t want to track…

We development the structure of this site based on this specification/function/feature

I know there are a moderator for each language

We don’t accept a diversion here, this is a serious site which provides a service to the community and the administrators and moderators are responsible for maintaining the site on topic

That is precisely I would like to know to report to discourse TEAM


I am nobody to judge anyone, but I tried to give you some advice

About Using other CATEGORIES

  1. Please don’t use another Language category that you don’t use or understand
  2. Don’t use google translate to answer in this Categories, this categories are created for these specific language and must be used for that purpose… as you said the are moderator for that purpose…

About Using the SITE

  1. Why participating in each topic? without contributing anything to it, just by participating this expands the answers and is more difficult to find the solutions
  2. Why hide details of all answer?
  3. We have the duty and the obligation to keep the site on TOPIC?
  4. Why makes jokes in all TOPIC, I know is funny but OP look for answers

I hope you take it in the best possible way and again I don't have anything against you....

We must all follow the code of conduct of :fedora:


let’s follow the rules and avoid future problems


This was reported before in Discourse META:

I’ve just make a NOTE



ADD this component to the THEME discourse-category-banners via GITHUB Repo via ADMIN PANEL

as Explained here:


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i’ll post my jokes as PM, then, from now on.

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I think that would be best. Jokes are not generally appropriate for most forums, simply because someone in a different mood may not find them funny. In fact, making light when someone is in a bit of tech trouble may annoy them.

There are appropriate channels for such conversations, such as #defocus or #fedora-social on Freenode (IRC). We do not currently have such a category here, mostly because not a lot of our users are using the site for informal conversations.

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