Problems upgrading Fedorta 33 to 34, downloads packages but not install them

Hi guys, I have a very similar issue. I’m trying to upgrade from fedora 33 to 34. I’m getting error when trying to upgrade. But not for an specific package. I have captured output of dnf upgrade --refresh with and without --allowerasing and also with and without --best.
DNf has downloaded all files required and those without conflicts but don’t install them,even those free of conflict.
I appreciate any answer you could give me. If an output is required just request it.
Thanks in advance.
I previously post this request as a reply in a existing topic but created this one after one of the members sugested in a reply to my post inside that topic.

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Just this You know Fedora 36 is current and 33 and 34 are outdated.
IF you really want to go ahead, you need a lot af tricks and old software.
You could just install 36.

This only upgrades the currently running version and does not deal with the system upgrade. However, this also must be completed without errors before the system upgrade will complete properly.

Are you getting errors in this step? If you are, what are they?
Posting the output you claim to have captured would assist us in helping you. Without details we cannot help.