Programmers forum?

Apologies if posting in wrong area but couldn’t find ‘generic discussion’ section.

I was looking to post a job ad but obviously this is support forum for Fedora OS.

So what I am asking here is could someone advise forum where I could find enthusiastic people who can develop cross platform software? Obviously tried mainstream places but there seem to be lack of enthusiasm and I find most interesting people gathers around Linux type platforms.

I’m not sure, I’m afraid. Job postings are generally not made on community channels, and I’m not aware of a particular channel dedicated for this purpose either.

Folks tend to hang out in the channels/lists, get to know community members, and contact them personally off-list with offers if required.

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Hi Francisco, yes you are right, but the project I have is not a full time job and requires specific person(-s) which I often come across forums like this.

I believe people here have different attitude to finding solutions and making things work right way round. Hence my message here.

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@FranciscoD, can we not allow a job posting in the Community section if the project to be developed is powered by Fedora? Doesn’t hurt the platform…in turn, it actually makes it more interesting …


Have you tried Stack Overflow? It bills itself as “… an open community for anyone that codes.”

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I think the issue generally is that such “job boards” get abused/spammed by recruiters and us mods will probably have to do a lot more work to keep the posts “Fedora related”. I think it’s because of this that job-postings are generally discouraged on community channels.

We can certainly discuss this, but it’ll be good to get feedback from long term mailing list moderators etc. on the pros and cons of allowing job-postings.


As per my previous posts, mainstream sites has proven to be last choice in my experience :slight_smile:

@vandersnow: I think the easiest way for you is to open a special blog for your purposes and make it public known via a specialized provider, but that’s not free.
For me the Fedora support forum should be what it is namely a “Support Forum”. You can try also Fedora mailing lists, may be there are channels which are willing to help you. :smiley:

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Yes I do agree, but as I said earlier, people who come here (and particularly who contribute and assist others) are the people I would prefer to work with.

Just a credit for Fedora! I think it’s not far off from being ideal option as OS.

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