Proper setup of a scanner

Hello fellow users of Fedora,

In the following few days, I would like to proper setup my printer. It is a Xerox WorkCentre 6515DN and I have already added three printers: CUPS, CUPS-PDF, and WC6515 to Settings > Printers. When I added this WorkCentre to Fedora35, its driver was automatically found. It is the Xerox WorkCentre 7345 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.4, which is indeed not the correct driver for my WC6515, but is close enough. As in, it works good for now.

  • On WC6515, although I can printer just fine with Fedora35 on this WC6515, I would like to scan directly from my WC6515 to my Fedora35. In order to do so, this printer has three options below. Which of these three do you advice? And how would you setup a scanner the proper way?

    1. Scan to a SFTP folder
    2. Scan to Folder over SMB
    3. Scan to Desktop over WSD
  • On Cups-pdf, I can savely change the output to /home/$user/Share/CUPS-PDF?

EDIT: Adding CUPS-PDf to the list of printers

You should check the scanner is recognised by the system when you open “Document Scanner” first.

It is common practice to install the proprietary printer drivers from the manufacturers source.

The rpm drivers are the ones you need and can be found at this url:

Depending on if your running a 64 Bit operating system that would be the last one on the list

I would not recommend running a different printer driver from experience as they can be buggy especially with Multifunction printers.

You can download the drivers.

Then open the terminal and goto downloads

cd Downloads

Then install them

sudo rpm -i XeroxOfficev5Pkg-Linuxx86_64-5.20.661.4684.rpm

Thanks for your reply, @bennyisaiah and sorry for my late reply. Most times, I can reply only in the weekends, and my previous weekends were already full. Thus here is my reply, finally.

Thanks and done. Although this Xerox is recognised as a printer without a driver, but from the database as Xerox WorkCentre 7345 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.4, the app Document Scanner recognise only my webcam.

My previous experience with an Epson driver and Mint 20 did not went so well. Later I replaced that Epson with this Xerox, later I switched from Mint to Fedora, and I had issues with any of these previous combos. Thus I switched to different approaches. However, I’m up for another experiment with a driver from Xerox.

After doing the updates and snapping with btrbk, I will install the recent Xerox driver, and post here the results.

Maybe did I something wrong the previous time(s), because I can’t remember using this command in the terminal. Anyhow, I will give it a try…

EDIT: Although the official driver is successful installed, neither the system itself, nor the app Document Scanner recognises the installed driver of my Xerox; even after a reboot. Thus I’m still using the Xerox WorkCentre 7345 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.4 as a driver-ish.

Did you uninstall the previous driver before you installed the new one.

Can you send the output of this command in your terminal

lpinfo -v

I just removed the printer, but I guess that what you mean. Running dnf info guten* shows that the rpm package gutenprint-5.3.4-8.fc35.src.rpm is installed. Shall I remove this one too, or leave it like it is?

With this Guten package and the Xerox recognised as a printer (but not as a all-in-one), the output of lpinfo -v is:

lpinfo -v
file cups-brf:/
network beh
file cups-pdf:/
network http
network https
network ipps
network ipp
network lpd
network socket
direct hp
network smb
direct hpfax
network socket://

I’vent done anything else. Waiting to learn…

Yes it looks like your printer I cannot see in that list. Are you connecting the printer machine directly to through a USB.

Correct you need to remove the previous printer driver which didn’t match.

Don’t confuse removing the printer from the device list with removing the printer driver. They are two separate jobs you need to do first.

So the process to remove the printer driver helps if you have the original printer driver. Can you locate that?

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This may be a shot in the dark, but worth looking at.

If the printer is USB connected then this might be related to an earlier issue with a package ipp-usb which was installed by an update some few months past. Basically with that package installed it broke printing using proprietary drivers, but only affected those using USB.

Check if that package is installed by dnf list installed ipp-usb. If it shows as installed then removing it may help.

1 Like Vue scan is a scanner software that works with lots of scanners. If you do not find another solution you can try that.