Proposal: reopen closed posts in Start Here, but set the "auto-delete responses" timer on each of them

This would let people comment about things which might be unclear, helping us to improve the getting started experience, while still keeping the threads from getting cluttered.

And also, we can turn on voting for that category, which might be an interesting way to see which of the articles are seen as most helpful.

  • Yes, do this when the poll closes.
  • Wait, no! I have a reason not to!

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Sounds good to me.

In the best case, we get productive feedback on the articles. In the worst case, if someone posts something like a help request there it could be moderated into it’s own topic.

I added a poll. Since this is easily reversed, I made it only for a few days.

I would like to explain my VOTE:

IMHO, this class of topics is to get a very quick general idea for new users, if we allow this class of events it can get tedious and difficult to read and the desired result will not be obtained.

What I propose is to open a ** TOPIC ** in site feedback and talk about it, about improvements and other things about this category.



All should be done that newbies feel the good vibrations of the Fedora community and so the will stay and most of them will become active supporting members later on, after getting started well.

On the site, I’ve noticed that they handle this by moving particularly interesting/important responses to their own threads in a different category. We could do that too…

If the responses are being auto-deleted that should keep them from becoming cluttered.

Okay, this is implemented. We’ll see how it goes. If it becomes a moderator burden, we can revisit!

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