Python Tutorials for newbies

Hello everyone,
I have new people in my team and I want them to learn Python cause it is the best for data science coding. Any good online tutorials (interactive like: CodeAcademy or web tutorials like: W3CSchool, Programiz) I also have a few resources from Python org, but I prefer to have more options to recommend. I have studied SE more them 10-14 years ago and Python many many years ago. All of them have knowledge of R, C, C++, Vala, Bash, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, JavaScript and NoSQL DB. We stick to FOSS Arch / Fedora Linux, hence any Widnows or MacOS only applications will not be of use.
We already use Git+AtomIO/VCCode, we don’t use cloud solutions like Project Jupyter if not a must.

Any recommendation for a python learning materials for SE graduate new to Python is welcome.

Thank you in advance have a great day and a wonderful workweek ahead.
Regards, Alex


Heeeeey @astraadria4ari

Nice project you’ve got there. Your question is quite out of scope. This is a Fedora community. You are probably looking for

A DuckDuckGo search yeilded a lot too like:

I am not claiming that they’re impeccable. Just saying that you are asking the wrong place. However, we’d be delighted to discuss Fedora issues with you.


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Thank you for your input I was not referring to not a project, my entire team / company locally and international uses FOSS mostly Fedora/CentOS/RHEF, we are data science company.

I already asked in the Python Discource Forum and in the python org forum no replay on forum
and after 100 views and 3 / 4 days all I go is go visit cisco academy " try"

I posted the same post on other DIscource forums like GNOME post got blocked in few minutes,
as I FOSS supporter I find it unfair to hide posts and get a temporary block no message no explanation just automatic message. I understand a little why non Linux users feel FOSS forums are unfriendly.

I use Fedora for work and project so I assumed someone might have experience.

apologies in advance if this is the wrong place for it.

Regards, Alex

Did you see this…


Thank you Florian for the input. yes I am aware of that, but it requires some maybe basic sys admin skills, virtual machine management containers management (I might do this after the team finishes up the sys admin tutorials for Fedora). I forgot to mentioned this above when I said Jupyter Notebook. is more app development for people who know python.

Regards, Alex