Question about use Fedora for commercialse cased?

Hi. Can I use Fedora for free in my work laptop for development commercial software and use it for free in own hosting server with paid hosting?

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So long as you aren’t claiming to be endorsed by the Fedora Project, you should be fine.

Most of the reason you wouldn’t see Fedora in commercial production is because of its short lifecycle, and lack of support options.


Thanks for answer. But I dont understand fully. So can I use Fedora as my workstation on laptop for free where I developing commercial SPA on React ?

Yes, you can use Fedora for your commercial work. Software that prohibits commercial use is not FOSS and is not included in Fedora.

For example, see this:

Do keep in mind the licenses of the software you use in your development work, whether Fedora provided or not.


And I can do it for free?

Yes. That’s what the licenses of the software allow you to do. Free/Open source software allows you to use, modify, and share software without restrictions.

Please see:


and of course:

and so on.


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