Rawhide in the FAQ

I notice that the FAQ says:

I will reiterate: using rawhide for daily work is not suggested, and the community does not support it.

I would like to change this to something like:

Rawhide is Fedora’s development area, where we work on the upcoming release. As such, it may contain experimental features, and some large changes may land before they’re really ready for end-user consumption. We try to make sure that it’s not outright broken through project tools like Rawhide Gating, but the fact is that it just might be.

So, while we might be able to help you with a problem on Rawhide, it’s also possible we can’t and you’ll need to dig yourself to find a solution. If you do find and solve a problem, your experience is welcome here in the form of a self-answered question, and you might want to share on the Fedora Development mailing list or in the Technical Contributors category of the Fedora Discussion Site.

What do you all think? @hhlp in particular since the existing FAQ post is yours.

I do agree with the comment on EOL releases, and actually also think we might want something about beta and nightly branched releases as well.


sound great @mattdm Let’s start tweaking…

is not precisely mine is was an initiative from the community… as you can see here:


and I add/complete some nice stuff…


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I did the change, you’re welcome to close the topic is you’re agree with the changes



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Cool – I made a few edits. I also moved some of the contents to This is a list of commonly asked questions — that way, this post is a site FAQ and that one is common things people actually ask on the site.

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