Reached Trust Level 3? Join the Ask Fedora FAS group!


Users of Ask Fedora that reach Discourse Trust Level 3 — Regular can apply for joining the Ask Fedora FAS group. To apply for membership, please get in touch with one of the Ask Fedora @staff members.

You can check your current Trust Level under your user Preferences, and you can find more information about Discourse Trust Levels here.

If you are not part of any other FAS group (in the Fedora speech, you are not CLA+1), joining an additional FAS group grants you more permissions in the Fedora community space. For example, it allows you to:

Read more about what you can do with your FAS account in this post: What Can I do With My Fedora account (FAS)?

So, welcome to the Ask Fedora FAS group. Thank you for helping other community members on Ask Fedora!!