Reference book for bash command line

This is here because none of the other channels seemed better for this.

My last deep learning experience with a command line was using VMS on a VAX. Ya, I know, that’s a while ago.

Since I started using Fedora (F16 ago) I have been learning bits and pieces of the BASH commands by searching on line and the MAN pages as needs came up. I would appreciate it if I could get some recommendations for good books (paper preferred) people have had experience with. I am looking for a book that’s like a text book that tells about how bash works, how commands are used, and how they can be used together. I would also like a book that’s good as a quick reference that I can use to look up something quickly. Recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.


quick Ref.:

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide:

Bash itself:

you’ll find more on:

the both first (or first both ?) - might - be un-current according the date, but …
all online/digital, but as an computer experienced you own an laser printer with duplex ?

please, save the wood :nerd_face:


Other than its man page and reference manual on GNU website (mentioned above), I like those 2 wikis:

For a printed book:


Thanks a lot! I’ve bookmarked the links and bought the book. This will help a lot.


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